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Soaring Above the Odds
    (This was written by Charity, a Freshman in high school, before the book was published. It is from the view of the book.)

About the Book
By Charity Parker
            It all started in 2004, when my Author, Faith, was at Celebrate Recovery and had to write about her ups and downs in life. That is where she came up with the idea to write me.
            It has been a very long journey to get where I am now. From the tears that hit my pages as she re-lived the hard times—to the tears of my proof readers while they read about her life. I have been shredded and re-printed, just to go down the shredder again. I was edited many times with red marks all over me.
            My Author had searched long and hard for the perfect illustrator. She had one that didn’t work out; so, my Author’s granddaughter, Charity, recommended her friend, Don Nixon. He worked countless hours to perfect my illustrations. 
            Today, I am written and illustrated; so now, my Author is getting me ready for the printers. I can’t wait to be read by many. Until then, let me tell you about her life that she wrote on my pages.
            She grew up in a big family out in the country. Her Mother was a loving parent—her Father, not so much. He always told her that she was ugly and no man would ever marry her. When she grew up, a man did marry her. A year and a half later, she left him; and then, he came after her to kill her. Because of a police officer, she is still alive today.
            Down the road, she met a gentleman—so she thought. They married and adopted a son. Eleven years later, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, named Hope. After a while, her husband became physically abusive; so they got divorced.
            Just when her life was finally going to be good again, a doctor told her that she had cancer with only six months to live.
            Seventeen years later, she is healthy and in a happy place in her life. Thanks to Celebrate Recovery because that helped her to heal from all the abuse and gave her the courage to write me.
            Her future plans for me are to have me in homes around the world, giving hope to people in need.

Isaiah 40:31