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Faith's Testimony

Hello. My name is Faith. I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I celebrate recovery from cancer; physical, mental and sexual captivity and harsh criticisms. All of which left me with a deep-rooted seed of bitterness; until I finished writing my life story.

God chooses when a soul is to be born, and who that child’s parents will be. I had no opportunity to voice my opinion. I wondered, “Did He have a plan for my life? How could all this suffering be a part of His will?” From the moment of conception, choices were far beyond my reach.
In 1941, I was born on a big farm in Bowie, Texas. I grew up being known as one of the Ford Bunch. I endured more than my share of being whipped and scolded. I knew how, from an early age, to listen, be quiet and work. For the most part, I felt alone, timid and unlovable. By my senior year in high school, I excelled in obedience, submission and perseverance.
At age seventeen, I moved to the big city of Wichita Falls, Texas. There I found employment and enrolled in a business college. Then I met and married my first husband who held me captive and later tried to kill me.
The next thirty years of my life were full of more mental torment, verbal and physical abuses. There was a marriage of eleven years that ended in a divorce. Early in that marriage, we adopted a baby boy. That divorce was followed by an affair with a preacher-politician, who was married; but had convinced me that he wasn’t. That resulted in the birth of my baby girl being born out of wedlock. Then another marriage and divorce happened to protect my little girl from her biological father. Next, there was a remarriage of twelve years to help me keep my daughter and young son. That marriage, again, ended in a divorce to protect me.
Three months later and in my early fifties, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the final stage. I suffered through six months of a trial-chemotherapy. About eighteen months later the cancer came back. The oncologist sent me home with no hope of recovery.
I learned later, through Lois Emerson, that my body was just out of balance and all I needed to do is bring it back to balance and it would heal itself. I renewed my mind with the teachings of the Philosophy of Regeneration taught by J.W. Emerson. Then I applied what I learned from their teachings and my personal Bible studies. All my physicals continue to show no sign of cancer since 1998.
Eight years after my last divorce, at the age of sixty, I tried one last time to have a good marriage. That was when I was influenced to go to Celebrate Recovery meetings. I wanted to fix his involvement with other women. I found warm friendship and trusted support at Celebrate Recovery.
I tried really hard to make my marriages work. I did lots of submitting. But my background was dysfunctional. The men I attracted were dysfunctional. I was a victim; therefore, I attracted people with control issues.
Remembering my past enabled me to relate to people who struggle with addictive or abusive situations. Upon completion of all Eight Principles and all of the 12 Steps, I committed to serve at Celebrate Recovery. After I gave my testimony for the first time, I had a deep burning desire to write my life story. I described my struggles and what I did to experience victory over each one. It has been a seven year journey of hard work to complete my first book, Soaring Above the Odds, at age seventy. The call on my life is to offer hope to others. There is hope!
For you, who are inspired to purchase a copy for yourself or copies for others whom you may know that needs hope for recovery; Soaring Above the Odds, is available for you, here. Thank you for your interest in a small part of my story.
God Bless All of You!

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Isaiah 40:31